Kanye West's Power in Cybersecurity

Author: Kevin Carmelengo Jr.
May 3, 2018

Kanye West is certainly all over the news these days. With today being World Password Day, it got me thinking how he could play a role in cybersecurity. And that contribution? Passwords. Confused? Let me explain.

A problem with passwords is that we have waaay too many to remember. Secondly, they must be easy enough to remember, but complex enough that they can’t be hacked. My solution? Use your favorite song lyrics as passwords. In my case, Kanye West songs.

It is common practice to make passwords out of sentences and phrases. Why not use something that you already have committed to memory? I’m talking about song lyrics. Song lyrics and movie quotes are two of the most memorable things in our world of swirling pop culture references. Songs are also easier to recall from memory than random phrases, because they also have a rhythm associated with them.

How do you make a song lyric into a password? I’ll demonstrate with Mr. West’s “Power”.

1) Take a line from the song.

“No one man should have all that power”

2) Highlight the first letter of each word in the line

No one man should have all that power”

3) Put the letters together into a single string


4) You can stop there if you want to and add numbers and symbols as required. If you want to get even more crazy and secure, swap out letters for numbers and symbols, to make it even more complex


5) Congratulations! You now have a memorable secure password.